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At Sessila Academy, each child's development is nurtured in a manner unique to their individual journey. We recognize that every child progresses at their own pace, shaped by their personal experiences and interactions. Our approach fosters educational activities that prioritize the child's individual exploration, without imposing predefined learning outcomes. This approach empowers each child to imbue activities with personal meaning, allowing them to learn according to their distinctive perspective.

Our focus at Sessila Academy is not to impart a fixed body of knowledge, but rather to cultivate habits and skills that enable children to explore and learn effectively in their daily lives, preparing them for kindergarten and the Early Learning Program (ELP). Endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Ontario and local school boards, the ELP lays a strong foundation for the child's future learning journey. These essential skills, cultivated during their formative years, will prove invaluable throughout their academic endeavors.

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Work-Life Balance

At Sessila Academy, our dedication lies in supporting busy parents to create a harmonious work-life balance while fostering meaningful family time. Our childcare programs not only provide a secure and nurturing environment for your little ones but also encourage their growth through engaging educational activities, allowing you to savor precious moments with them after a long day. Alongside our reliable childcare services, our convenient meal offerings ensure that you can effortlessly pick up wholesome dinners for your family, providing you with more quality time to bond over a shared meal without the stress of cooking. Our flexible care options, include date night and Saturday care which grants you the freedom to accomplish errands efficiently, leaving you with uninterrupted weekends to relish with your loved ones.

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Family Support

We are proud to have established partnerships with Children’s Inclusion Support Services (CISS), Thinking In Pictures Educational Services (TIPES), First Words, and private speech therapists. These collaborations allow us to further enhance our inclusive environment and better cater to the diverse needs of children, including those with specific needs. Through these partnerships, we can access specialized training, resources, and expert guidance, enabling us to create tailored strategies and activities that foster an inclusive and nurturing atmosphere for all children in our care. Our shared commitment to promoting diversity and fostering a supportive community aligns seamlessly with the core values of our partners, reinforcing our dedication to providing a holistic and enriching educational experience for every child at Sessila Academy.

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